"My Lovely You" is a song that was recorded as a demo many years ago and was then forgotten about until it was just recently re-discovered. 

It is a song of loving and loosing someone while still being happy for them.

The self titled album is a collection of songs that were written while pressing record with no pre ideas. Only one take was every played and or recorded, because that was the writing of each song. Yes some things aren't perfect, but it's a moment to let the soul out. I hope you enjoy.

“The Noise In My Head is if Jon Brion got a lil more goth with it all.”

– Rami Jaffee | Foo Fighters. Wallflowers.

David Larring is an artist that through the years has worked with artists such as Joss Stone, Lauryn Hill, Sugarland, Jason Falkner, Sugarland, Kevin Max, Big Bang, Audio Adrenaline and Mercy Me just to name a phew, as well as such engineers and producers as Jacquire King, Aaron Swihart and Sylvia Massy.


All these years he has been working on his own music, but The Noise In My Head ep marks the start of his solo career as a released artist.


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